Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sonnet 1011

Everyone has their own stories..
The story that lighten up their days..
the story that make them suffer..
the story that feels like nothing..
or the story that change their life forever..

how they create the story is up to them..
the storyline has the up's and down's of life..
the setting and the casting are whom the person be with and where they going their own life..

but then, even with the perfect plan..
the tiny thing that we may look out may fail the plan..
The Only One has plan it ahead from everyone's planning..

everyone have their own way of loving someone..
one-sided love..
mutual love..
or maybe having just a crush towards someone..

it is up to them to decide..
how they will accept it..
how they will reject it..
how they will handle the situation wisely..

or they may hurt the feeling of those who are waiting patiently..
sorry for them..

but live must go on..
there are still new paths to be explore..
accepting them how they are..
explaining what the best you think it can be..

sorry for being so blunt..
but it just have to be as it is.. not more than that..

p/s: plz ignore the grammatical error.. heheh :)