Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dear Smokers,

This entry is dedicated to all smokers in the world...

First, when you see this sign please, please do understand that it is a non-smoking area..

We as the non-smoker feel suffocate because the air we inhale has been polluted..
*gasping for air*

Second, if you are smoking please, please and please don't smoke in public especially in front of children, pregnant women and elderly because the secondary smoker which are the non-smokers who inhale the smoke will get lungs disease too..

Third, if you want to die early, please, please don't drag your family as well.. Remember your love one..
and if you are thinking about quitting, that is great because they do have ways..
Click here for How To Quit Smoking..
Klik Panduan Berhenti Merokok untuk Bahasa Melayu..

Thank You..
The Non-Smokers 


anaroseli said...

totally agree! hoping that smokers out there are aware of these things!


absolutely agreed!