Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Everything around us is influence by TIME..
counting every second..
keep looking the clock..
wasting our time..

Procrastination always oppose the time..
*i do this all the time.. heheh*
it come from your own attitude..
procrastinating in doing my homework, tutorial, works..
at the end, i have to payback the time i wasted.

So do friendship..
as the time goes by, the friendship become stronger..
as we know each other longer..
we can tolerate as much as possible..
only death do apart us.

From there, a feeling called Love come..
it can formed in a second..
as the thing we call The first sight love..
but for some it takes time..
maybe months or years..

as for me, it takes second to build a friendship
but takes years to realize how deep i love someone..

While waiting and the time goes by like the wind..
we never realize..
it faded our feeling..
our memories..
our thought..
and our love to someone..

So it is TIME to move forward,
thinking what is the best for you,
creating a better future for us..
and have some TIME to think about your friend and your love one..



Current Song: Arashi - Meikyu Love Song
Current mood: In the middle- xD