Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ichiban in my heart !!

He will always be my hero.. 
Ichiban in my heart!!
The most handsome person ever!!
Never let me down if i need someone..
  Iam always cracking up with your jokes.. ^0^
eventhough I have Sho kun, Rain and others, they will never ever defeat your place in my heart..
Wishing and praying for all the happiness and you in a good health always..
i know sometimes my action do hurt you.. I am sorry.. apologizing from the bottom of my heart..
I am trying to be the best in taking care both of you..
Thank you for everything!!!

 My Dad: En. Abu Bakar Rasul

Current music: Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
Current mood : Cheerful!! --->


anaroseli said...

hok isi dah baguih dah... siap ada gmbr beloved father... tapi hok yang x menahan, nak gok letak sho kun even kecik di bwh tu.. :p

SyuHaiDah said...

heheh.. sho kun ti jdi penyeri entri.. hahaha.. :p