Monday, January 23, 2012

Almost Love

Some people have said "Talking about love, is that all?"

In reality, liking somebody is the least productive thing in the world..
it doesn't feed you nor does it bring any money to you..
Sleeplessness causes loss of productivity
Acting silly all day and night
Mistaken for being a mental patient
Going through painful jealousy and broken heart
and have someone say 'do you still believe in love?'

I realize that when i love somebody
I know millions reasons for doing it..

First, you realize that giving brings more happiness than receiving..
Second, instead of bad things, you get to see the good things first..
Third, you can be a child without time machine..
Fourth, you would know how beautiful the sky,stars, flowers and trees are..

That is how you behave when you start to fall in love..

Lee Ji Hwan
Almost Love

After watching this movie, it makes me realize that not every love story has it happy ending..
but still a good movie to watch..
hontoni suki datta eiga wo..

Will you??

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