Tuesday, July 19, 2011

He is a legend.

Wayne Rooney said this to a man.
because that man wore a MU jersey with Rooney's name while watched a Liverpool match..
in the end, that man was force to take the jersey out.. everyone booing at him..
but to Wayne Rooney, he is legend.

this is taken from an article in a newspaper.
but what is more surprising for me is this happened in MALAYSIA!!
haha.. not really..
I just  thinking, that this is the real attitude of Malaysian..
that man only wore different jersey from others, why so fussy??
maybe this is from my point of view..
but can't they just point it out properly..
like saying "This is a Liverpool match, why would you wear a MU jersey?"
maybe he can explain
"Actually I don't have Liverpool jersey so I thought wearing anything red would be consider. and this is the only red shirt I have."
so, the so called die-hard-fan-you-never-walk-alone, how is that man explain it that way?? You lost a fan already!!! Boo to you!!

So, i'm not offending anyone, any team.. Peace u olls!!
just writing my thought up.. May peace be with you!!

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