Monday, December 17, 2012

The date that i cannot afford to forget..

it is not that i forget about your big day..
it just that, i'm thinking of doing something..
but that thing didn't come out right..
so i just made this simple slides of pictures of you..

next time, i'll practice harder to make it right ok?

^_^ Happy  Birthday Ana!!

Good luck for your final year in Nagoya..
strive harder for these few months..

it's still 17/12 in here!!

p/s: susah gak nk cri gmbo kte dua org je ek.. heheh..

current music: Najwa Latif - Sahabat

1 comment:

anaroseli said...

arigatou!!! bleyh dikesan gambar itu diperoleh dr FB tetapi ada jugak mcm simpanan peribadi tp mcm mne ko bleyh ade???lol XOXOXOXO thank u very much for spending ur time doing this ^_^ Really2 appreciate it